Legal Political Issues of Concern for Construction Industry Worker

So much of our time is spent on our jobs or taking care of family chores that we tend to ignore some of the larger legal and political issues that effect our work and our lives.

The government effects all of us so why don't all of us take an interest? Some people just don't want to be bothered with the noise and others feel disenfranchised thinking their opinion doesn't matter. It matters, everyone's opinion matters.

Labor unions, big business and other special interest spend $billions to have their opinion heard in government but individual citizens are the only ones who can legally vote. So! there you go. We have the power. All we have to do is use it. It sounds easy, but Wait. What effect can one person with only one vote have? Actually more than you may think.
  • Learn: Be aware of what government issues effect, your money, your career, your family and your community.

  • Decide: Make an intelligent and educated decision on which side you come down on.

  • Communicate your concerns. At home, at the club, at the water cooler, at social events and internet social networks. Participate in discussion venues and opinion polls. Write or email your representatives.

  • VOTE: above all vote and encourage others to vote.

You don't necessarily have to support a party candidate or ideology, You don't even have to volunteer or donate money. Just taking a stand and communicating your interest can make a big difference.

A democracy is defined as "rule by the people." If the people are too apathetic to participate, than it becomes less of a democracy.