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National Infrastructure Bank

President Obama wants $10 billion to capitalize an infrastructure bank

A national infrastructure bank is an idea that has been discussed in Washington for a number of years. President Obama has suggested its implementation as a measure to create jobs and improve our rapidly decaying infrastructure. Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison recently submitted a joint bill called "Building America Act" to upgrade and expand U.S. roads, bridges, trains, and airports by facilitating investment in economically practical infrastructure projects through the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank.

Capital for the federally regulated Infrastructure bank would be raised by private investments, matching government contributions and bond sales. The bank would than make low interest loans for infrastructure projects that require large capitol expenditures but can pay for themselves over time by collecting fees or taxes. The loans would than be repaid with a small amount of interest over several years.

President Obama wants $10 billion to capitalize an infrastructure bank to leverage private and public infrastructure investment "without earmarks or traditional influence," the White House says.

The new federally regulated bank would evaluate potential infrastructure projects, and decide which are the most significant and useful to our country and economy. Approved Projects would include toll roads, energy plants, rail lines, shipping ports, air ports, sewage and water projects, &c.