Oil Field Employment

There Are 4 Main Problems With Oil Field Employment

by Calvin Loh

What pops into your mind when you hear the words "oil field employment"? Is it high salary and bonuses, or the travel opportunities, or the lots of time off? Of course, these are real advantages of working in an oilfield job, but you should also keep in mind that you don't get something for nothing. And in fact, oil drilling companies are forced to give you these benefits because they have to compensate you for these four main problems with jobs in oil field.

1. Oil Field Jobs Have Very Long Working Hours

The work-shift is long, 12 hours at a time, sometimes at night, sometimes in the day. When you are on a "tour", you work 14 days at a stretch with no weekends off. Your job doesn't stop just because it rains, or snows. Your boss will just find you something else to do - just as difficult, just as dirty.

2. Many Marriages Have Broken Up Because Of OilField Jobs

An oil field job puts a lot of strain on romantic relationships. Whether she is your wife or your girlfriend, she probably expects to see you every evening after work, and also during the weekends. When she does not get what she expects, when her friends and neighbors and colleagues talk and gossip, there is bound to be a great deal of strain on your relationship. Breakups are common when you work in an oil field jobs.

3. Oil Field Employment Is A Dangerous Job

That high salary you get for your oilfield job is best thought of as danger pay. Working on an oil rig is filled with far more danger than working in a factory or warehouse. Many accidents can and have happened - the drilling rig could blow up, the offshore oil platform could collapse or sink. In addition to that, oil rigs, pipes, workers and infrastructure have often been attacked by terrorists. You have probably heard the news reports on Nigeria and the Arab countries.

4. Jobs In Oil Field Are Not Found In Nice, Comfortable Environments

Oil field jobs are most often found in very nasty places - Alaska, north Canada, Siberia, the deep oceans, various Arabian and African deserts. There are not many oil fields in your backyard like Texas - not anymore. When you work in an oil field job, you need to be able to handle sub-zero temperatures, gale-force winds, storms, ice, snow, poisonous snakes and wild animals.

You can make a very good living from oil field employment, but only because there is a lot of danger and discomfort. Is the high pay enough to compensate for all the trouble? No one else can decide for you.

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