Construction Safety is Attitude

by Will tom Gray

The most important element in construction safety or industrial safety is a good attitude toward accident prevention and hazard recognition. Habitual adherence to good safety practice and safety rules is essential for a long and prosperous career in the construction industry.

From a personal or company standpoint construction safety is just good business. Foolish and preventable accidents can ruin a company's finances and destroy its reputation within the industry. From a personal perspective accidents literally destroy careers, families, and lives.

Every person, every crew, and every company must have a workable safety program designed to protect personal and collateral from the awful consequence of an accident. It is every person's responsibility to look out for the safety of himself and those around him. It is every company's responsibility to provide a safe working environment along with adequate safety training and attitude development.

A construction safety program must consist of sharing information, enforcing established safety rules and learning to recognize new hazards in an ever-changing landscape. Each new task and each new day should start with a safety audit to determine the hazards involved and the preventive measures required.

An employee with a good attitude knows what it takes to obtain both his professional and personal goals. The main key is doing what it takes to leave work each day with all the fingers, toes and skin that he came with as well as some additional wealth.

A company with a good attitude knows the value of keeping good employees. The main key is to provide a healthy and safe working environment. Constant training and frequent safety audits helps to maintain production and protects the bottom line.