The Respiratory Safety Policy

by Rayce Bannon
This Respiratory Safety policy summary describes a policy developed and implimented for a moderately large manufacturing facility with off campus field operations. As such, the policy covers the safety needs at home plant and also provides flexibility for expanding business operations as well as when scaling back.

The nine respiratory policy components are:

1-Purpose - Provide the business with guidelines and establish requirements for training, safe use, selection and maintenance of respirators.

2-Reference - OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134

3-Scope - Applies to all of the employees, contractors and visitors of the business.

4-Administration - In this instance, the respiratory safety policy is administered by the company's Safety Coordinator and the operations and maintenance supervisor. A specific Safety Program Administrator is also designated.

5-Definitions - by National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) and Mine Safety and Health Association (MSHA).

6-Description - Practices and procedures for use of respiratory protection equipment:

Respirator Selection considerations

Assigned Protection Factor

Respirator Types

Purchase Procedures

Medical Surveillance

Formal Fit Testing

Field Fit Testing

Proper Respirator Fit Considerations

Change Out Schedule

Inspection, Cleaning, Storage, Maintenance

Voluntary Use of Disposable Respirators

7-Responsibilities of Program Administrator, Supervision, Employees.

8-Training - At least annually.

9-Annual Program Review.

This outlines one respiratory safety policy that was individualized for the specific business client.

For OSHA training , click on OSHA Video

While respiratory safety regulations may be cumbersome and involved, it is pretty easy to recognize that a significant segment of any workforce has varying health issues that make them susceptible to airborn irritants. A well crafted respiratory safety policy can be very efficient at preserving optimum health and productivity.

About the Author

Rayce Bannon is a freelance writer who is working closely with Evan Casey and the Staff at Great Lakes Environmental and Safety Consultants.