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  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)  - The Ultimate Benefits - 

  • Building Information Management (BIM) -  With Modeling Service - 

  • Partial Discharge Detection - Leak testing of high voltage equipment

  • Pump Maintenance - Repair Rebuild and Maintenance of Pumps

  • Bearings - Bearing types, application and Maintenance.

  • ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT .... Construction has historically been all about brick, mortar, steel, lumber and manual labor but technology is finding new applications every day. Technical advancements in computer, cellphone, GPS, and their applications are revolutionizing the construction industry. Improved communications and information availability are streamlining the process toward more advanced management and operation methods.

    REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE.... Energy developers, power producers and industrial managers are turning more and more to contract maintenance as an economical alternative to supporting in house permanent employees. As the industrial process and precision machinery become more advanced the technician must be more informed. The increasing need for new skills and information have never been greater.

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