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Industrial and Construction Jobsite Safety

Industrial occupational and construction safety resources.

Construction jobsite accidents have the potential of destroying families and construction companies alike. Accident prevention and hazard recognition have humanitarian and financial rewards for both the contractors and the construction employee.

Aside from the humanitarian aspects the employer must protect his bottom line. developing a safety culture is the most important part of any loss prevention program. Due to the constant evolution and hazardous nature of the construction jobsite contractors must be especially diligent. Making and enforcing safety rules is not nearly enough.

Howard Watkins

Safety Resources:
Construction Safety Meeting Topics Gangbox / tailgate safety meetings. Topics cover many subjects for construction safety meetings.

Articles on Industrial Safety

Additional Safety Resources

Jobsite Safety Continued:
A construction employee is even more vulnerable. His life and fortune depend upon his knowledge and attitude about jobsite safety. One seemingly silly accident can quickly end a life or a career. It is in every worker's interest to protect his savings and earning potential as well as his life and health.

Most construction companies have weekly safety meetings called "Tailgate Safety Meetings" or "Gangbox Safety Meetings" where a particular safety topic is discussed. Usually the foreman reads a prepared topic sheet followed by a discussion. Each employee should feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions. Periodic or task specific safety audits offer an excellent opportunity to discover new hazards and potential problems. It is vital for a company to foster a safety culture among employees and management that encourages participation and rewards success.

Please check out the resources presented here for help in developing a comprehensive safety training program.

Howard Watkins