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Scientific Unit Conversions (I)

Inches | International

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inches         centimeters         4.540
inches         meters         2.540 x 10-2
inches         miles         1.578 x10-5
inches         millimeters         25.40
inches         mils         1,0000.0
inches         yards         2.778 x 10 -2
inches of mercury         atmospheres         0.03342
inches of mercury         feet of water         1.133
inches of mercury         kgs/sq cm         0.03453
inches of mercury         kgs/sq meter         345.3
inches of mercury         pounds/sq ft         70.73
inches of mercury         pounds/sq in         0.4912
inches of water (at 4°C)         atmospheres         2.458 x 10-3
inches of water (at 4°C)         inches of mercury         0.07355
inches of water (at 4°C)         kg/sq cm         2.540 x 10-3
inches of water (at 4°C)         ounces/sq in         0.5781
inches of water (at 4°C)         pounds/sq ft         5.204
inches of water (at 4°C)         pounds/sq in         0.03613
International ampere         ampere (absolute)         .9998
International volt         volt (absolute)         1.0003
International volt         joules (absolute)         1.593 x 10-19
International volt         joules         9.654 x104