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Length Conversion Factors

To convert from     to	                multiply by	
mile (US Statute)      kilometer (km)	        1.609347	
inch (in)	       millimeter (mm)	        25.4  *	
inch (in)	       centimeter (cm)	        2.54 *	
inch (in)	       meter (m)		0.0254 *	
foot (ft)	       meter (m)		0.3048 *	
yard (yd)	       meter (m)		0.9144 *

Area Conversion Factors

To convert from		to			multiply by	
square foot (sq ft)	square meter (sq m)	0.09290304 E	
square inch (sq in)	square meter (sq m)	0.00064516 E	
square yard (sq yd)	square meter (sq m)	0.83612736 E	
acre (ac)		hectare (ha)		0.4047

Volume Conversion Factors

To convert from		to			multiply by	
cubic inch (cu in)	cubic meter (cu m)	0.00001639	
cubic foot (cu ft)	cubic meter (cu m)	0.02831685	
cubic yard (cu yd)	cubic meter (cu m)	0.7645549	
gallon (gal)		liter			4.546	
Canada liquid	
gallon (gal)		cubic meter (cu m)	0.004546	
Canada liquid	
gallon (gal)		liter			3.7854118	
U.S. liquid**	
gallon (gal)		cubic meter (cu m)	0.00378541	
U.S. liquid	
fluid ounce (fl oz)	milliliters (ml)	29.57353	
fluid ounce (fl oz)	cubic meter (cu m)	0.00002957

Force Conversion Factors

To convert from		to			multiply by
kip (1000 lb)		kilogram (kg)		453.6
kip (1000 lb)		newton (N)		4,448.222
pound (lb)		kilogram (kg)		0.4535924
pound (lb)		newton (N)		4.448222

Pressure or Stress Conversion Factors

Pressure or stress
        kip per square        megapascal (MPa)          6.894757
          inch (ksi)
        pound per             kilogram per              4.8824
         square foot (psf)      square meter (kg/sq m)
        pound per square      pascal (Pa)               47.88
          foot (psf)
        pound per square      pascal (Pa)               6,894.757
          inch (psi)
        pound per square      megapascal (MPa)          0.00689476
          inch (psi)

Mass Conversion Factors

Mass (weight) 
        pound (lb)            kilogram (kg)             0.4535924
        ton, 2000 lb          kilogram (kg)             907.1848
        grain                 kilogram (kg)             0.0000648
Mass (weight) per length
        kip per linear        kilogram per meter (kg/m) 0.001488
          foot (klf)         
        pound per linear      kilogram per meter (kg/m) 1.488
          foot (plf)         
Mass per volume (density) 
        pound per cubic       kilogram per cubic        16.01846
          foot (pcf)           meter (kg/cu m)
        pound per cubic       kilogram per cubic        0.5933
          yard (lb/cu yd)      meter (kg/cu m)

Temperature Conversion Factors

        degree Fahrenheit (F)     degree Celsius (C)        	tc=(tF-32)/1.8
        degree Fahrenheit (F)     kelvin (K)		    	tk = (tF+459.7)/1.8
        kelvin (K)	          degree Celsius (C)        	tc=tk-273.15
Energy and heat
        British thermal           joule (J)                 	1055.056
        calorie (cal)             joule (J)                 	4.1868E
        Btu/degree       	  F x hr x ft2  W/m2 - degree K	5.678263
        kilowatt-hour (kwh)       joule (J)                 	3,600,000E
        British thermal           calories per gram         	0.55556
         unit per pound (Btu/lb)    (cal/g)
        British thermal unit      watt (W)                  	0.2930711
         per hour (Btu/hr)

Power Conversion Factors

        horsepower (hp)           watt (W)                  745.6999  E
           (550 ft-lb/sec)
         mile per hour (mph)      kilometer per hour(km/hr) 1.60934
         mile per hour (mph)      meter per second (m/s)    0.44704
         darcy                    centimeter per            0.000968
                                     second (cm/sec)
         feet per day (ft/day)    centimeter per            0.000352
                                     second (cm/sec)
*indicates that the factor given is exact.
**One U.S. gallon equals 0.8327 Canadian gallon. 
t--A pascal equals 1.000 newton per square meter.

One U.S. gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds (U.S.) at 60 degrees F.
One cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds (U.S.).
One milliliter of water has a mass of 1 gram and has a volume of one cubic centimeter.
One U.S. bag of cement weighs 94 lbs.

More Useful Conversion Factors

Quantity            From English           To Metric             Multiply
                      Units                  Units                 by*

Length                mile                    km                 1.609347
                      yard                    m                  0.9144**
                      foot                    m                  0.3048**
                      inch                    mm                 25.40**

Area               square mile                km 2               2.590
                      acre                    m 2                4047
                      acre                  hectare              0.4047
                   square yard                m 2                0.8361
                   square foot                m 2                0.092 90
                   square inch                mm 2               645.2

Volume              acre foot                 m 3                1 233
                   cubic yard                 m 3                0.7646
                   cubic foot                 m 3                0.028 32
                   cubic foot            L (1000 cm 3)           28.32
                 100 board feet               m 3                0.2360
                     gallon              L (1000 cm 3)           3.785

Mass                   lb                      kg                0.4536
                  kip (1000 lb)            metric ton (1000kg)   0.4536

Mass/unit length       plf                    kg/m               1.488

Mass/unit area         psf                   kg/m 2              4.882

Mass density           pcf                   kg/m 3              16.02

Force                  lb                       N                4.448
                       kip                     kN                4.448

Force/unit length      plf                     N/m               14.59
                       klf                    kN/m               14.59

Pressure, stress,                         
modules of                                  
elasticity             psf                     Pa                47.88
                       ksf                    kPa                47.88
                       psi                    kPa                6.895
                       ksi                    MPa                6.895

Bending moment,        ft-lb                  N . m               1.356
torque, moment of force ft-kip                kN . m               1.356
  * 4 significant digits
  **denotes exact conversion
**denotes exact conversion