• Residential Construction refers to single and multifamily housing units. It could mean a small bungalow, apartment complex or a neighborhood development.
  • Industrial Construction covers work at industrial sites. It includes grass root projects, plant expansions, machinery overhaul, machinery installation or moving, final checkout and startup. It overlaps with maintenance and services as many of the same skills are required.
  • Commercial Building may include a convenient store, shopping mall, department store or high-rise building.
  • Institutional Building relates to projects like education, healthcare and government facilities. Basic construction methods are much the same as commercial building.
  • Civil/Heavy Civil Construction includes most infrastructure and transportation projects that require the use of heavy machinery.


Have you seen terms like (Design/Build), (EPC), (EPCM) in relation to contracts? What do they mean?
  • Design/Engineering ...Every construction project has a design. It may be as simple as a carpenter's layout penciled on the back of a 2X4 or the work of a team of architects and engineers.
  • Procurement ... The purchasing or supplying of material, equipment, specialty contracts, manpower, services, logistics, permits, real-estate or infrastructure.
  • Build/Construction... This is where the rubber meets the road. It is the actual process of putting it all together, making it work and turning it over to the client. The term build is most often applied to commercial projects while construction is all encompassing term.
  • Management ... Management of a construction project is either handled by the clients team or contracted to a second party with the client's oversight. Typical management teams consist of a Client's Project Manager, Construction Project Manager, Construction Manager and the various engineers and craft superintendents. The management team is responsible for bringing the project to completion safely and efficiently.

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