A handy guide to finding and organizing OSHA requirements for scaffolds

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Guide to OSHA Scaffolding

Guide to Finding and Organizing OSHA Requirements for Scaffolds

by Will Tom Gray

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) establishes safety requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and use of scaffolds in two separate sections:
  • 29 CFR.1910.28 "General requirements for all scaffolds," establishes safety requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and use of all scaffolds.
  • 29 CFR.1926 subpart L, (450) (451) (452)"Construction Standards", scaffolds, establishes safety requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and use of scaffolds used in the construction industry. 29 CFR.1926 subpart L. Index

29 CFR.1926 subpart L appendix A, This Appendix provides non-mandatory guidelines to assist employers in complying with the requirements of subpart      ETOOLS :
  • Two-point (swing stage)
  • Single-point Adjustable
  • Catenary
  • Multi-point Adjustable
  • Interior Hung
  • Needle Beam
  • Multi-level
  • Float (ship)

  • Frame or Fabricated
  • Mobile
  • Pump Jack
  • Ladder Jack
  • Tube and Coupler
  • Pole
  • Specialty
etool- improper scaffold construction.

etool-Scaffold Access

Quick Card index (scroll down to find supported scaffolding)

Video for Compliance Officers, Good for all to know.

Scaffold Slide Presentation, Examples of how not to erect a scaffold.

Standard Interpretations subpart L.

29 CFR.1926 subpart L, Index

29 CFR.1926.450(a) "Scope and application
29 CFR.1926.450(b) "Definitions."

29 CFR.1926.451(a) "Capacity"
29 CFR.1926.451(b) "Scaffold platform construction."
29 CFR.1926.451(c) "Criteria for supported scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.451(d) "Criteria for suspension scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.451(e) "Access."
29 CFR.1926.451(f) "Use."
29 CFR.1926.451(g) "Fall protection."
29 CFR.1926.451(h) "Falling object protection."

29 CFR.1926.452(a) "Pole scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(b) "Tube and coupler scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(c) "Fabricated frame scaffolds" (tubular welded frame scaffolds).
29 CFR.1926.452(d) "Plasterers', decorators', and large area scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(e) "Bricklayers' square scaffolds (squares)."
29 CFR.1926.452(f) "Horse scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(g) "Form scaffolds and carpenters' bracket scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(h) "Roof bracket scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(i) "Outrigger scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(j) "Pump jack scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(k) "Ladder jack scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(l) "Window jack scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(m) "Crawling boards (chicken ladders)."
29 CFR.1926.452(n) "Step, platform, and trestle ladder scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(o) "Single-point adjustable suspension scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(p) "Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds (swing stages)."
29 CFR.1926.452(q) "Multi-point adjustable suspension scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(r) "Catenary scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(s) "Float (ship) scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(t) "Interior hung scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(u) "Needle beam scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(v) "Multi-level suspended scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(w) "Mobile scaffolds. "
29 CFR.1926.452(x) "Repair bracket scaffolds."
29 CFR.1926.452(y) "Stilts."

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