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FEB. 2010 -- This Facebook page is intended to be an addendum to the Website, a framework for sharing career and jobsite information for the construction industry workforce. Although not exclusively, the main focus is on the industrial construction craft tradesman in the U.S. merit shop construction and maintenance environment.

Current job information is a main concern of the construction industry worker. Rather than continually repost job ads that become stale within hours I try to direct the visitor to the latest employment opportunities on the net. The "Simply Hired" job feed is flush with current openings and can be accessed form most all pages. The "jobs help page" offers both internal and offsite links to all the major job search utilities and construction job bulletin boards.

Recruiting is free at the Heads-Up Construction Industry Forum Your resume is also welcome.

Safety information is the most popular searched for item. The safety help page offers many resources for information on industrial/construction safety and OSHA compliance. Here you can also find printer friendly tailgate safety meeting topics.

I scan the Internet almost daily for breaking construction industry news and project press releases Some days I miss because I do have another life but I usually catch up in the long run. Other site features include a large list of construction companies, some technical help, informative articles, government and organization links and some Just for fun stuff. does not participate in any quid pro quo link exchange agreements. Outbound links are carefully selected to provide the greatest value to the visitor. considers the visitor's experience more important than any superficial ploy to enhance search engine ranking.

There is never a charge for accessing any of the information or service of the website. It is supported entirely by advertisement and affiliate programs. My sincere wish is that you will find the pages useful, spread the word and share information for the benefit of your fellow workers.