Industrial Construction Jobsite Images

  • Iron Worker An ironworker connecting structural steel hand-signals the crane operator

  • Pipe Threading Machine The Rigid brand pipe machine can cut, ream and thread a large variety of construction materials

  • Pipe Welder at Work Pipe welders must be able to work in tight places under a wide range of adverse conditions where the quality of their work is critical

  • Petrochemical Plant Chemical and petrochemical plants produce a wide variety of chemical products from petroleum, coal, natural gas and renewable organic materia

  • Rodbuster at Work A Rodbuster is a worker who installs steel reinforcing rods, known as rebar

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony The groundbreaking ceremony is a traditional way to celebrate the beginning of a new construction project

  • Power Plant Construction Jobsite A construction jobsite scene of the Kemper County Mississippi Power Plant

  • Construction Workers and Hardhats The wearing of hard hats has become universally synonymous with construction workers as if they were the only group to wear them

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