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Construction Jobs Help and Career Information

Working ourselves out of a job is the essence of our existence in the construction industry. Contractors are always in competition for the next contract and employees are in constant competition for the jobs. This is especially true for the merit shop tradesman. Not represented by a trades union the merit shop worker is his own agent and his success depends on his good reputation and his ability to network with reliable contacts. In order to stay close to home many tradesmen will make long commutes and work for several different contractors. Others will follow the larger or specialty contractors far and wide. Still others will seek out the maintenance shutdowns and turn-arounds for the maximum pay rate and overtime.
Whatever your niche, it is my wish that you will find these pages useful in your goal to stay gainfully employed in the construction industry.

Job Search Help:
Heads Up Job Board
Employment Shortlist     Shortlist of the larger contractors most likely to offer nationwide opportunities
Contractor Phone Number List     Employment contact numbers for merit shop contractors.
Jobs in Iraq     List of Contractors who have contracts in Iraq and other Middle East countries.
Internet Job Search Tips     Refine your Internet Job Search Skills
Social Networking     Find Construction jobs via social Networking

Additional Job resources

Construction Job Search:
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Inst.Fitter   |  Industrial Painter   |  Welder   |  Heavy Equipment Operator