Government Information Portal for the U. S. Construction Industry


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Government Information Portal for the U. S. Construction Industry

Government is a necessary evil and even though we would like to ignore it we sometimes are required to seek out information on government regulations, benefits, taxes, politics and other issues that affect our lives and career on a daily basis. I have attempted to compile a simple yet comprehensive list of federal government agencies providing useful information relevant to the needs of the construction industry management and workforce. This is not a link sharing opportunity. Please click here for information on linking and advertising.

Howard Watkins

Government Resources

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Government Links:
Government's Official Web Portal Complete Guide to U.S. Government Agencies
The White House The Presidents Website
Strong Middle Class Vice President Joe Biden's taskforce for building a strong middle class
Ecomomic Recovery Plan Tracking the Nationsl Economic Recovery Plan
Davis Bacon Wage Determination. U.S. Department of Labor under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts. The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Departmenty of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
Department of Labor Department of labor craft definitions.
OSHA Link to the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Act.
OSHA - CFR 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
NLRBThe National Labor Relations Board
US census Bureau Building Permits issued.
Americans with Disabilities Act
U.S, Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Register Federal Archives and Recordas Administration
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Central Contractor Registration (CCR)