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Revision: October 23, 2012
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Archie Dickey Fund

Please help our "Brother" in need:

When one works in a physically demanding job like most of us do, We have to be well to earn. Often if we get down in our health/luck for a long time, the first thing we lose is the luxury of medical insurance. Its not portable, its expensive, you can't eat it, it can't keep you warm and it will not pay the day to day bills.

So it is with Archie Dickey who has recently been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I cannot mention all the big and little expenses both he and his family will be facing over the next few weeks or months.

1) Snail Mail a donation in the form of a check or money order to Archie's home. Make it payable to Archie's sister:
Elizabeth Dickey.
2737 Old Mocksville rd
Salibury NC 28144

2) Purchase a Green Dot Moneypac. Reload the card and email the confirmation number to [email protected]?

Green Dot Moneypak cards are available at Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, 7/11, Kroger and several other popular retail outlets.

3) Pay Pal: Transfer to [email protected]


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Archie Dickey is well known in the industrial construction industry. As a multi-craft mechanic. He has worked as Millwright, Rigger, Ironworker and Operator for many of the major construction companies, Including KBR, BEK, SW&B. Like most of us he has for many years followed the work while building and repairing America's industry and infrastructure. Archie has always been a real stand-up guy, willing to help fellow workers with his experience and reputation. The list of his concerned friends who have joined his FUND RAISING PAGE at FB (created by Gary Casteel) testifies to his friendships and likability

Some of Archie's friends are holding raffles at various job sites and possibly online. If you are interested, keep your attention tuned to the FB Fund raiser group