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Social Networking for Construction and Contract Maintenance Workers

In the last few years social networking on the Internet has become an essential part of the employment process. There are venues for every size network and every discipline.

Networking has alway been an important function for the transient worker who turns in several W2s at tax time. Before the Internet the mouth-to-mouth grapevine was the usual method of finding the next opportunity. Online jobsearch sites and social networking is now putting the process on fast-track.

Traveling for short term temporary employment is the very nature of the industrial construction and contract maintenance work. Staying connected is essential for merit shop craftsmen to maximize income by steady employment on the best projects.

BrassMeIn Social Networking

  • BrassMeIn social
    A FaceBook group, If you are in the open shop industrial or high end commercial construction industry this is your group.
  • Industrial Construction BrassMeIn
    FaceBook Page
  • Two Cent Rag
    At Twitter, The short version of Construction Industry news
  • Construction, BrassMeIn
    a google page, for the interest of the industrial consruction worker
  • More
    Shortlist of Social Networking groiups for the craftsmen at large. They are not paid links and are not controlled by BrassMeIn.com.